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My Experience of Online Teaching

Thursday - 7 th Jan ~ by Bhanu Vikraman Pillai - RAJ VEDANTA SCHOOL, BHOPAL

During the global pandemic, it seems difficult for the children to be called to the schools for proffering the facilities of classroom teaching. Thus the only option left with the schools is to provide teaching via online means such as video conferencing apps. It has been quite a rollercoaster ride these few months.

As per my involvement, I feel that students find it very difficult to adapt to an online learning environment immediately after traditional classroom learning, where they were used to physical interaction with teachers even for rectifying a small doubt. Students, who have always been studying in the standard classroom mindset, are not able to focus in online classes.

It was also realised that many of the students are not well equipped with a high internet connection that is required for online learning. They are mostly depended on their parents to avail Android mobile facilities, which is a hassle for service-class parents. Due to this, the studentsface lots of problem in going live for online learning.

However, on the other side, online teaching for teachers has also been a hard cookie to crack.Problems have been coming their way economically, mentally, emotionally and physically. Children, who have lost interest in academics and tend to distract classes as a pastime,have become difficult for teachers to handle.

In a nutshell, both teachers and students have been facing tremendous troubles in the online classes. Only hope remains for this chaos to come to an end and for everything to restore back as it was.

BhanuVikraman Pillai

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