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Thursday - 10 th Dec ~ by Shreya Parameswaran (Science Teacher) - RAJ VEDANTA SCHOOL, BHOPAL

Raj Vedanta school

Let’s have a moment of Science!
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way we approach the teaching-learning process. No one would have foreseen that online learning could play an important role in imparting knowledge to the students during school will reopen. This new scenario has forced us to cope with the unknown technologies within a very short time.
Being a Science Teacher, it was really a tough job being away from the students strategies & methodologies to make practical, interesting and joyful.
Though initially it was a challenge in many ways, my online teaching skills.

  • Teaching is like Gardening
  • Teachers are like Gardeners
  • Students are like Flowers

Even during the pandemic, as a Science teacher, I have efforts in nourishing the young minds w conditions for the young seedlings to blossom.

Teaching science virtually was very interesting & beneficial as well. I used to explain scientific concepts and theories with the help of more interesting features like images, videos, charts etc. I adopted observation method, problem solving method & project method. This really made science learning fun and easy thereby helping the students in retaining information for a longer period of time.

WITH TIME, CLASSES BECAME MORE DYNAMIC! Recently, a Virtual Science Exhibition was conducted. The students participated with great enthusiasm. They made science projects & performed ex periments virtually. It was a delight to watch their creativity .
Students also prepared PowerPoint Presentations on relevant science topics and presented it virtually with great confidence.
Also, we made cloth bags, paper bags and face masks with the materials available at home. The students gifted them to the needy people.

  • Children are the Priority
  • Change is the Reality
  • Collaboration is the Strategy

Students learn better when the parents are involved in their education. I would like to appreciate all the parents who cooperated with me in this crucial period. They ensured that their ward’s assignments and course works are completed in timely manner. They have provided immense support.

“Think like a proton and stay positive”

Just like the above phrase, the current pandemic, besides all its drawbacks, has exposed us to new ways of learning and developing a positive outlook.

I have observed my children enhancing their learning skills, technological knowledge, developing scientific thinking, becoming more communicative and self-confident. All these would help them a lot in their coming future.

Lastly, I would like to thank our Director ma’am and Principal ma’am for giving us the opportunity to keep the young minds engaged in learning even during this crucial period. Thanks for their constant support, guidance & motivation. Overall, it was a great experience for us.

Thank You,
Shreya Parameswaran (Science Teacher)

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