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What is it like to be an online educator?

Tuesday - 2 th Feb ~ by Simran Kaur Ghai - English Teacher : RAJ VEDANTA SCHOOL, BHOPAL

Who would have thought that one day a pandemic like COVID-19 will come and everything will shrink to a screen size of 14 inches, including the Education?
In no time, Education has quickly moved into the digital realm. The realm, we all are a part of now. No escapism.
I have always believed firmly in ‘You can forget the things you’ve studied but you’ll never forget the things learnt from your experience’. Look at everything now! Teachers, students, different courses and what not, everything is available online. All it needs is just a shuffling of few letters into words on the keyboard.

What’s interesting if it is not challenging?
Everyone who has become an active part of this realm, has surely found themselves in trouble jumping out at once from the traditional way of learning. It was challenging, wasn’t it? But what’s interesting if it is not challenging?

I joined the school in April, during lockdown; when I was notified that we are switching to online education, I got a little excited and anxious at the same time! As a new joinee, Interaction with students on an online platform was something new, something challenging. I knew that, If I have to deliver something useful to the students, I would like to deliver it in a way that it leaves a permanent mark on their mind rather than a temporary one-time thing. But how? Complex questions were flooded into my mind by assuming the complications we could have when the students are not present physically and we have to deliver the lessons via audio and video only. When we have to prepare everything online! What would be the reaction of students when introduced to all this? How long it would take for students to get comfortable with everything? And the questions were endless. I prepared my virtual classroom keeping my students in mind. Preparation of lesson plans, teaching aids everything had to be modified, be upgraded. The main puzzle to solve was ‘How can this lesson leave a deeper impact? Once it started, the results were astonishing.

As we say “Team work makes the dream work”, with the endless support from superiors, our school director and team’s hard work, we learnt and won this challenge.

It is a way better approach than I expected.
I surely get a little sad on the thought of not being able to meet my students one to one, share the same energy of being curious and to quench the thirst of knowing more, but it is way better approach than I expected.

There are ample ways to introduce a lesson to the students, to bind their interest, to arise curiousness and to make them research on different things. The flexibility in the system has surely given the freedom to students and teachers both, not to be tied up to a fixed schedule but to explore more in the area of their interest. Teachers are now having more freedom to regulate lectures and include videos related to topic as well for student’s betterunderstanding, they can explore even more.

Sometimes it is hard to understand whether the lesson is going south or to the right direction from their expressions through a screen door. Overall, the result comes positive.

Education and technology
Blending of both into a right amount, will not only help them develop mentally but on a cognitive level as well. Exploration is a continuous hunt where an educator has to be very attentive if he/she wants to prey the desired or expected developmental area in students.
Being an online educator has taught me that a screen size holds much power in it than the traditional ways. I am glad our school director came forward and introduced it to us and now we are part of such a magnificent way of learning.

Image Source: medium.com, hippovideo.io

by - Simran Kaur Ghai
English Teacher

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