1. Admission Open: Play school, Nursery, Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten, Classes  1 to 6.
  2. Parents / Guardians desirous of seeking admission of their wards may fill up the Application for Admission enclosed with the admission kit and along with it submit the following in the Admission Office: 
    • One certified true copy each of School Reports of the last three years (wherever applicable) for record purpose only. This will not affect the admission decision which will be based on the child’s performance at the competency level test. 
    • One true copy of the child’s Birth Certificate duly self attested. 
    • 8 recent passport size colour photographs of the child. 
    • Non-Refundable Processing Fee of Rs. 1500 in Cash. Kindly ensure that the Application for Admission is complete in all respects, so as to facilitate the admission process.
  3. The admission to Play schoolNurseryJunior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten will be granted on the basis of the child’s age and the year(s) of prior schooling. In addition this our team  will have an oral interaction with the child.
  4. Class wise age criteria is given below:-

    18 Months to 2.5 Years Playschool
    2.5 Years to 3.5 Years Nursery
    3.5 Years to 4.5 Years Jr. KG
    4.5 Years to 5.5 Years Sr. KG
    5.5 Years to 6.5 Years Grade 1
    6.5 Years to 7.5 Years Grade 2
    7.5 Years to 8.5 Years Grade 3
    8.8 Years to 9.5 Years Grade 4
    9.8 Years to 10.5 Years Grade 5
    10.5 Years to 11.5 Years Grade 6
    11.5 Years to 12.5 Years Grade 7
    12.5 Years to 13.5 Years Grade 8
    13.5 Years to 14.5 Years Grade 9
    Result of grade 10th is required for admissions in grade 11


  5. The applicants seeking admission to Classes 1 to 6 will be required to appear for a Competency Level Test (CLT). The purpose of CLT is to assess the classes  for which the child is eligible rather than to grant / refuse admission.
  6. After the Interaction / CLT, the admissions department of the school will inform parents / guardians within 14 working days about the acceptance of admission through e-mail / telephone or post.
  7. Admission will be confirmed upon receipt of fees for the first quarter .
    1. Child’s birth certificate copy Self-Attested by parents.
    2. 8 Recent passport size photographs, size- 2.5 cm by 3.5 cm.
    3. Aadhaar Card of the child self-attested.
    4. Parents photographs of size 2.5 by 3.5 cm, one each.
    5. One Copy of Caste Certificate.
    6. Certified true copy of school report/ mark sheets of last three years, (if applicable) Self- Attested by parents.
    7. For Grade 1 admission, half yearly result mark sheet of Senior KG is required.
    8. For Junior KG report card/ mark sheet of Nursery required.
    9. Original TC from the previous school (wherever required).
    10. Copy of Passport & Visa for foreign / NRI students.
    11. Copy of SSSM id & FM id of the child self-attested.
    12. One Copy of Bank Pass Book.