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Raj Vedanta School


Raj Vedanta school is affiliated to ICSE Board (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education). The syllabus that ICSE board follows is very comprehensive. It gives importance to a child’s overall development. Children who study the ICSE curriculum have an edge over English language as syllabus has literature and grammar as two completely separate subjects. It offers exhaustive list of subjects like environmental applications, fashion designing, cookery, home science, performing arts, technical drawing applications, cookery and many more from which a student can pick according to his interest. The curriculum emphasises on all round education so they promote many extra curricular activities with the chosen subjects.

Raj Vedanta school

Aim of ICSE curriculum:

Children will be enabled to:

  • Become successful learners who learning
  • Successfully apply core concepts learnt from various subjects
  • Understand texts of different subjects so as to communicate knowledge and ideas in ways specific to the subject
  • Us technology to access and provide information and to communicate with others
  • Understand cross curricular linkages- connect learning across subject areas
  • Become responsible citizens to make a positive contribution to society
  • Respect diversity ( in terms of religion, gender, regions etc. And differences of opinions and beliefs)
  • Exhibit sensitivity towards environmental issues.
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