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Wednesday - 20 th Nov ~ by AnujaGour - RAJ VEDANTA SCHOOL, BHOPAL

At the beginning of the session every student had their own plans, the smell of freshly printed books were attracting them, their new bags, new classrooms, their classmates and new benchmates and of course their new teachers but coronavirus had its own plans this virus forced us to stay at home and forced us to shut down every thing. This virus forced us to rethink and work on new ways to fight and come up again. We came up with the idea of online classes and then THE ONLINE CLASSES BECAME OUR NEW NORMAL.

As a mother teacher it was a very big task to take online classes as I was not in touch with my kids and was not physically present there with them. But I seriously would like to appreciate all the parent who supported me in this period and we are successfully taking our online classes. And I feel like everyday we are coming up with new ideas to improve our classes and for better learning of students. Like I took activities that were not possible in the classroom but I am taking them through my online classes. Recently we made a First-Aid Box with the material available at their home, we made masks that they gifted to needy people their parents helped me a lot. I am able to deliver good lectures and students are able to clear there doubt that is the most important thing for me as a mother teacher now I am in touch with my kids like 24×7 they can contact me when ever they want they can clear there doubts anytime because of online classes I am in touch with parents too.

I could see my kids are developing their skills and we have discovered their new interests which would help them a lot in their coming future.

What I personally feel is that online classes has made parents know their kids better and helped teachers to know that how there students react to things at home. Basically we have created a bond which was very important.

Though I am missing my kids, their smiles but this distance is for their best .Every morning when I see their cute smiling face their vibes are so positive that they just make my day,their smiles just fade away all my worries and give me strength to do best for them. Lastly I would like to thank our directors, principal ma’am for giving us this opportunity to take online classes it was a great experience for us and for our organisation.

Thank You

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