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Raj Vedanta School

Revision of education system as the school prepared for the post-Covid curriculum

Wednesday - 13 th Oct ~ by Revision of education system as the school prepared for the post-Covid curriculum

Raj Vedanta school

Revision of education system as the school prepared for the post-Covid curriculum

The beginning of the year 2021 came with hope and the aim to revise the ongoing system of society. Everyone was working from home, and the education system, for the first time, went online. Raj Vedanta is grateful to the parents for being co-operative. Now, we are planning to re-open very soon. All our efforts are dedicated towards the new beginning and accepting the new standard way of maintaining social distancing and keep our mask on.


We have been the most affected by the lockdown of our school. The gap has been for two years, and we no longer want our students to suffer as education is the most powerful tool for a human being; every field of study is based on education. With the pandemic, we were left in confusion and had to delay the re-opening to prioritize security and safety. Education in 2021 is a modified way to continue studies by following the new system to breathe under the same roof. Our students are eager to visit school, meet their friends and have a systematic routine , which was impossible due to Covid 19 precautions. We are planning extracurricular activities to encourage their interest and help them to get back with the previous routine to study and attend their classes.


  • Educational gap: Online classes started after a remarkable gap of 3 months. It has certainly created initial chaos, which later was easily fixed.
  • Sudden shift to online class: Raj Vedanta School is dedicated to the upliftment of students and was quick enough to conduct online classes without further delay. The toughest was for our teachers, and we are grateful for their contribution.
  • Hard to maintain discipline: We were more concerned about teaching with values, but it was a tough deal.
  • The new way to conduct examinations: Online exams were the biggest myth buster for us. But we certainly prefer our on-premises offline version.


We have completed our research and have all the resources to kick-start the new chapter of Raj Vedanta School post Covid. School re-opening is raising the eyebrows of concerned parents, and we are taking care of the same. We have conducted the requirement such as:

  • Sanitization of school premises: Regular sanitation without any compromise.
  • Create indicators to maintain social distancing: To help students to accept the new way of Education.
  • Maintain a proper supply of sanitizers: To offer them while entering school or while switching between classrooms.
  • Employing healthy staff and checking the temperature daily: We prioritize a healthy social bubble within school premises.
  • Conducting classes for students as per the allowed limit to minimize the rush: As per the government guidelines, we will be allowing students to fill up the classrooms.
  • Introduction of New school curriculum which is prepared to help students resume their studies.


Government guidelines are in the public interest; we are grateful for experts to guide us and ensure our students, teachers, and other school staffs are safe. We adhere to abide by the governing laws and encourage every parent to check them on a timely basis to ensure compliance. The process is not complex, and we are dedicating our time to teach the necessary precautions to our students. Raj Vedanta School is ready to accept and preach the new normal way of living.


While finalizing the new way to conduct Education in 2021, we have made sure we never overlook the safety of our students. We believe that Prevention is better than cure and so, we expect complete transparency from parents and teachers about their health, vaccination status, and any possible contact with a person who is Covid Positive. It will help us to ensure our students are safe from any possible contact with an infected person.

We are ready for School re-opening and are encouraging parents to have faith along the way. The importance of Education can never batter with anything valuable. We are focusing on the proper flow of Education to get the students back on track

Thank You

Raj Vedanta school
Raj Vedanta school
Raj Vedanta school
Raj Vedanta school